Panhellenic Association of Greek Roma (PEER) (Greece)

The Panhellenic Association of the Greek Roma has been founded in 2007 and is the only third level organization of the Greek Roma. The activities of the association aim at the protection of the rights of the Greek Roma in Panhellenic level. In this association there are represented 62 first level organizations and 3 second level organizations. The network of the organizations that are represented from PEER covers problems for the social integration of the Roma, housing problems, legal problems employment problems, education problems and problems of health and psycho-social support. It also provides legal support to Roma that need them. Also it organizes information meetings with other Roma associations and unions in periodic times. It has implemented a programme of entrepreneurship where 57 different Roma that received grants have been established their shops in a common building, creating thus the Rom Bazaar in Athens.

PEER is self-financed and participated in the European organizations ERIO (European Roma Information Office), ERTF (European Roma & Travellers Forum) and AFARIM (Association of Federations and Associations of Roma in Meditteranean). 

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icon Project Coordinator
Kostas Diamantis-Balaskas
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Telephone: 0030 210 6822606