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For the issues in question, a European level approach is crucial for the attainment of the results. The issue of dealing with the early school leavers from the Roma communities is not just an issue of each country but a European issue because all the European countries share the same challenges and should share also common solutions. The main products of the project (model for the organization of the pre-school centers, e-learning platform and material) will be the result of the collaboration of all the partners and will be common for all the countries. The stakeholder networks that are going to be developed in each country are going to communicate and cooperate between them (through appropriate online tools) ensuring in this way the maximum transfer of knowledge and expertise. The trainers that are going to be responsible for the training of the intercultural intermediators before the training will participate in a transnational workshop where they are going to have the chance to exchange experiences and ideas in order to make the training more innovative and more interesting. The basic results of the project are going to be translated in 5 languages (English, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian) and be exploitable in all the EU countries. This will happen because the main results (model for the organization of the pre-school centers together with the conclusions from the piloting and e-learning platform with uploaded material) are going to be freely available on the internet through the project’s website for anyone interested to use them. Furthermore, each partner participates in several transnational networks and, through these contacts, the results of the project could be disseminated also outside the partnership countries. The project could not be realized without transnational cooperation. This happens because the transfer of knowledge and expertise between the partners and between the countries is a vital issue for the project. This is the result of the complementary expertise that exists between the partners and between the countries. For example, the Italian partner that has more advanced knowledge on the issues of intercultural intermediation will transfer this knowledge to the other partners, the coordinator will transfer the knowledge on ICT based training, the Hungarian partner on disadvantaged children teaching etc. The dissemination of the project will also be realized at European level outside the countries of the partnership in order to raise awareness on the project all over Europe and get the more people possible to benefit from it. This will be done with the use of online, social networks, educators networks (such as Listservs), Roma networks, specialized websites etc.

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