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About the Roma T&T project

About the Roma T&T project

    The project Roma Teaching & Training (Roma T&T) is a European...

Roma T & T e-Learning platform

Roma T & T e-Learning platform

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Guidelines for Intercultural Education

Guidelines for Intercultural Education

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 Model for the Organisation of the Pre-school centers

Model for the Organisation of the Pre-school centers

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  • About the Roma T&T project

    About the Roma T&T project

  • Roma T & T e-Learning platform

    Roma T & T e-Learning platform

  • Guidelines for Intercultural Education

    Guidelines for Intercultural Education

  •  Model for the Organisation of the Pre-school centers

    Model for the Organisation of the Pre-school centers

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The Roma T&T partnership is a transnational partnership which consists of 5 partners from 4 European countries (Greece, Spain, Italy, Hungary). The consortium includes Roma associations, organisations specialised in intercultural intermediation and organisations specialised in the development of training methodologies. Please click here in order to see in detail the project partners.



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Piloting in Spain





The preschool for the pilot, is located in the Hotel Association of the 613 district in the municipality of Burjassot, Valencia. Place ceded by the neighbors association "Acceso de  Ademuz - Rajolar"



The pilot takes place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons



The organization participated Burjassot City Council, the Association “Oasis de Luz”, intercultural mediators in charge of truancy in that municipality, the school Fernando de los Rios, the neighbors association "Acceso Ademuz - Rajolar" and Maranatha Federation.


Burjassot City Council in collaboration with the neighbors association "Acceso Ademuz - Rajolar" have given space to develop the pilot.


“Oasis de Luz” Association has been commissioned to make contact with the Roma community in the municipality.
Intercultural mediators conducted interviews with parents and children, as well as participating in the pilot .
The Education Center Fernando de los Ríos provided the furniture.
The Maranatha Federation has coordinated the pilot, has also provided human resources, food, educational material and equipment necessary to develop the Pilot (projector, computers etc.)


The greatest difficulty has been to find a suitable site for the pilot, as we could not use any educational facility in the municipality for this, is achieved through Manolo Monje Social Services Coordinator, he make contact with the neighbors association "Acceso Ademuz - Rajolar "who kindly gave up their facilities for conducting the pilot.
Another difficulty has been to gain the trust of parents in order to take pictures and shoot video of the activities with the children, the mediators did a great job to solve it, the parents took turns to see the activities and thus make sure that no filming or took pictures, but seeing the work of mediators with the children, they were satisfied and got permission.


Maintain continuity of children has not been difficult because the various activities is achieved the interest of the children, in some cases when parents can not take the kids to the school, the mediators were go for them, some days you can not do this because the parents activities  don´t allow, and the children´s are not at home.
Development activities:

The learning activities take place in an interactive, Bits of Intelligence play a big role in this, the graphic material is a visual stimulus, which in practice, is always accompanied by an auditory stimulus, which consists in stating aloud what representing, using this system for counting and letter recognition, as vowels.
The handcrafts are an important part, besides being fun, improve their skills and teach them to follow a pattern instruction.

Overall development is being very successful, working with children in this age also being rewarding to see how they evolve and participate in class.


For Maranatha Federation, it was not necessary to form intercultural mediators from 0, as has staff with extensive experience in this area and to perform this work in primary and secondary schools.

In the case of training for preschool work, were given the following tasks:

•    Make contact with parents, interviews
•    Mediate with parents of children in the event of any incident
•    Inspect the execution of the tasks
•    Give help and support to children
•    Solve doubts
•    Encourage the participation of children
•    Monitor the progress of the children
•    Keeping order in class
•    Evaluate on the development of children

To achieve the appropriate goal in developing these tasks, the intercultural mediators received tutoring from a children education expert, which  provided guidelines for classroom.

We attach the Material used to get information about parents and children and the permission of consent for photos and video.

Additionally also attached material for training for intercultural mediators, as well as a guide created by the Maranatha Federation, all material in Spanish.


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