Lifelong Learning: policies and programmes to contribute to Roma inclusion



The Lifelong Learning programmes effectively address issues of social inclusion at
all levels of education, from pre-school to adult learning, with special attention given
to the most disadvantaged groups in European society. It is therefore not only possible
but quite commonplace that projects explicitly addressing issues related to
Roma and education find support and funding within the Leonardo Da Vinci, Comenius
and Grundtvig programmes. Below you will find a few illustrations of such projects.
There are many, and more comprehensive information may be found on the Lifelong

Learning website.


1. General

2. A few tips and useful information




3.Roma Teaching & Training

4.What's Working?

5.A further step to let the Roma youth be heard

6.Creative teacher training for support of culturaland social inclusion of Roma children at school

7.Roma families get involved: transnational methodologyfor working with Roma families towards their children’ssuccess in education

8.MyBeautifulSchool – a place where it is possible to be happy

9.Contribution to the Role of Education –Educating Educators (CORE)

10.ROM-UP! The inclusion of Roma through quality successfuleducational experiences


12.Professional education of experts for better futureof intellectually disabled Roma

13.Teachers’ education for Roma, new opportunities in school (TERNO)

14. EduRom: Promoting the access of Roma toLLP, VET and employment through familyeducation in primary schools

15.REdHous NET – Romani people and educationaland housing policies: key links to share

16. European Roma integration good practice exchangeand policy network

17.Desegregation and Action for Roma in Education Network(DARE NET)


Source: Roma and Education: Challenges and Opportunities in the European Union

© European Union, 2012




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